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Episode Summary

Mr. Shorofsky ends up in the Hospital over Christmas to have his tonsils out. The gang throw a party for the kids in the Children's Ward of the Hospital, who think Shorofsky is Santa Claus. Ian and Jesse try to impress an agent, but sing for the wrong guy. Leroy tries to juggle school and two jobs in order to buy Tina the doll house she wants for Christmas. It turns out that what she really wants is to spend time with him.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Caryn Ward as Tina
Zachary Bostrom as Timmy
Elden Ratliff as Matthew
Dick Miller as Lou Mackie
Tony DiBenedetto as Mr. Quimby
John Ingle as The Man In Hospital Suite 2B


"I Know The Way To Celebrate" - performed by Gene Anthony Ray
"Your Wife's Been Cheating On Us Again" - performed by Jesse Borrego and Michael Cerveris
"Joy To The World" - performed by Loretta Chandler and Cast
"Born In Bethlehem" - performed by Loretta Chandler and Cast

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