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Episode Summary

Jesse directs a play Leroy and Chris wrote, called Shining Lights. After they go over budget the show has to be canceled despite all the hard work and extra hours the kids have put into the show. Hearing about the news and seeing how devastated the kids are Lou Mackie gives the school the money it needs to put on the production. Just when the show is about to go on Nicole loses her voice and Jillian, her understudy, reluctantly goes on.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Robert Romanus as Miltie Horowitz
Dick Miller as Lou Mackie


"It's Love I'm After, After All" - performed by Carrie Hamilton and Michael Cerveris
"Broadway Melody"- performed by Elisa Heinsohn
"Someone To Watch Over Me"- performed by Nia Peeples

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