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Episode Summary

Miltie tries to buy one of Ian's songs. The school tries to find the perfect object to put in a time capsule.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Robert Romanus as Miltie Horowitz


"The Ring Of Love" - Sung by Cast
-Written by Vivian Ayers, D'Vaughin Pershing, H. B. Barnum & Debbie Allen
"Burn Down The Night" - Sung by Michael Cerveris
"Trust Me" - Sung by Robert Romanus
"Believe" - Sung by Olivia Barash


Episode directed by Debbie Allen
This Episode includes 6 brief flashbacks, 2 scenes from Season 1 and 4 from Season 4. With quick glimps' of Doris, Julie, Holly, Nicole, Cleo, Dwight, Cassidy and Bruno ... The end was indeed near.

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