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Episode Summary

Miltie pretends to be the Crimson Blade when an interim principal and an overzealous hall monitor impose too many restrictive rules. He mainly does this to get Maxie to notice him but she thinks that Jesse is the one masquerading around the school as the "Crimson Blade".

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Robert Romanus as Miltie Horowitz
Darren Dalton as Doug Logan
Alison La Placa as Ms. Audrey Fleming


"Forever In Your Eyes" - performed by Olivia Barash
"Joyful Noise" - performed by Loretta Chandler and Michael Cerveris


Episode directed by Debbie Allen.
Olivia Barash (Maxie) and Dick Miller (Lou Mackie) have become full fledged Cast Members, with both gaining a credit at the beginning of the show.

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