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Episode Summary

After a party, where alcohol was served, Nicole and Danny catch a ride home with Mickey who had one too many beers and ends up losing control of his car and crashes....seriously injuring Danny and killing Nicole.
Even though Jesse and Nicole had no longer been dating the news of Nicole's death hit him rather hard. So much so that Jesse seeks revenge on Mickey but was stopped by Danny who felt guilty for what happened to Nicole himself.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Sean Gregory Sullivan as Mickey Garth
Dick Miller as Lou Mackie
Betty Karlen as Gina Amatullo
Will MacMillian as Kenneth Garth
Phil Peters as Detective Murray
Willard E. Pugh as Mike Lifton


"Private Eye"- performed by Michael Cerveris and Debbie Allen
"See Your Face Again"- performed by Carrie Hamilton
"Carnival of the Animals"- instrumental


A variety of songs were played that were sung by Nia Peeples over the years she was on Fame.

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