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Episode Summary

Leroy injures his knee during a dance class and is afraid to dance after that. Miss Grant tries her best to get Leroy back to dancing by offering to take him to the ballet or by making him "assist" in her class, which after all is his job. Reggie falls for a new guy she sees in her dance class but is afraid to be alone with him so she takes Kate everywhere with her and Max. Henry Lee returns to the school to try and make it on his own and Leroy is hard on him because he sees how good Henry Lee has become with his dancing and Leroy himself is afraid to dance.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Dermot Mulroney as Max
Don Cheadle as Henry Lee

Special Cameo Appearance By:
Russ Tamblyn as The Choreographer


"Man In The Mirror" - performed by Gene Anthony Ray
"Catch Me I'm Falling Fast" - performed by Carrie Hamilton
"The Spirit Is Alive"


This Episode uses a Flashback Scene, Leroy's original dance audition from the Movie Fame, which also includes Debbie Allen.
Last episode to feature Page Hannah (Kate Riley).

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