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Episode Summary

When Leroy's niece Tina accidentally burns down his apartment, Lydia offers Leroy a place to stay.
Pining for a 'real family', Tina begins to meddle in Lydia's relationship with Carl, whilst convincing Leroy how acceptable Lydia would be to his advances, resulting in Leroy becoming infatuated.
Sherwood reveals she has started work on her Epic Novel again, however thinking it boring, Mrs. Berg convinces her to write a racy novel. After she writes the first chapter, Mrs. Berg declares "its cheap, its trashy and its sordid - I think we have a winner on our hands."
Meanwhile Shorofosky has a Chinese cellist named Lu Ching staying with him, and who becomes quite furious when she finds out he has been letting her win at table tennis.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Caryn Ward as Tina
Harrison Page as Carl


"Loves A Journey" - performed by Gene Anthony Ray
"Dont Look Any Further"


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