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Episode Summary

Its mid Year Auditions.
Holly leaves the School to accept a role in a daytime Soap Opera.
We learn that Morloch has left to coach a Semi Pro Ball Team in Buffalo.
Prompted by Holly's leaving, Nicole begins to audition and lands a role, when the new prinicipal Mr. Dyrenforth finds out, Nicole argues that the rule preventing students from performing professionally, shouldn't apply to her, as her role is small and is in an Off Broadway play. Never the less she is told to make a 'Choice' and opts for leaving School.
An Auditioning student tries to use his 'old neighbor hood' connection to Leroy to sway his audition.
We are introduced to two auditioning students , Reggie Higgins and Kate Riley. And in a final twist when Nicole has to fill in for the lead , she realizes it isn't all she thought it would be , and is made to re-audition before knowing if she can come back to the School.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Randee Heller as Peggy Persky
Bruce Solomon as Dr Lindstrom
Don Cheadle as Henry Lee
Alan Blumenfeld as Charlie
Kathy Graber as Cathy

Pinky as The Star Spangled Banner Student


"Only In My Dreams" - performed by Nia Peeples
"Your Love Has Been So Good To Me" Sung by Loretta, Jesse, Gene and Shaun Earl
"Where Does The Night Begin" Sung by Carrie Hamilton


This was the last episode to feature Holly (Cynthia Gibb) who left to join the 'fiticious' Soap "Tomorrow Never Comes" as Samatha Farrington - Candy Striper.
This was the first episode to feature Reggie, Kate, and Mr. Dyrenforth.


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