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Episode Summary

A blizzard strands many of the students and faculty at the school. Morloch suspects there is a burglar in the school only to find out it's an unwed pregnant teenager who ran away from home because she thought her parents would hate her for being in the condition she was. Doris gets into a fight with her mother. Leroy tries to go out in the storm for an audition. Jesse and Nicole get locked in a room together temporarily. Morloch finds them when he goes looking for the "burglar". A baby is born!

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Madlyn Rhue as Mrs. Schwartz
Sally Klein as Jamie Wagner


"Come Join The Party" - performed by Debbie Allen and company
"Outrun the Night" - performed by Nia Peeples
"Somebody Must Be Grinning Down On Me" - performed by Gene Anthony Ray

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