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Episode Summary

An old "friend" of Danny's shows up at Lou's Lanes one day celebrating with his buddy's from a Baseball team over their recent victory. When he sees Danny he goes over to him and teases him for some unknown reason. At least unknown to Chris. Giving him the nickname "CB". Because of some past incident, Danny challenges this guy and his team to a baseball match. One problem though, Danny has to put together a team first. Nicole wants to be on Danny's team but the guys don't think girls can play ball. Mr. Morloch finds out his old arch rival is the captain of the opposing team.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Rob Morrow as Joey Laurenzano
Dick Miller as Lou Mackie
Burke Byrnes as Buzzy Fentin


"Mickey" - performed by Nia Peeples, Cynthia Gibb and ensemble
- Music and Original Lyrics by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn
- New Lyrics by Debbie Allen
"The Loser Gets to Win " - performed by Carlo Imperato and Cynthia Gibb
"Scorn" -performed by Dick Miller, Jesse Borrego, Carlo Imperato, Billy Husfey and Gene Anthony Ray



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