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Episode Summary

Holly becomes anorexic when her parents decide to get a divorce.
Doris is responsible for putting on a Hawaiian-themed show (for their Prom).

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Donna McKechnie as Suzi Laird
Barry Jenner as Jim Laird
Gigi Vorgan as Tina


"The Haukilau Song" - performed by Valerie Landsburg , Nia Peeples and ensemble
- Original Music and Lyrics by Gary Owens
- Addition Music and Lyrics by Gary Scott and Debbie Allen
"Tomorrow Morning" - performed by Carlo Imperato, Billy Hufsey, Jesse Borrego and Nia Peeples
"Hello" - performed by Jesse Borrego (Lionel Ritchie's song)


Directed by Valerie Landsburg McVay



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