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Episode Summary

Morloch starts an ROTC program at the school.
The kids decide to put on a benefit for the Nuclear Freeze which doesn't go over well with parents and the rest of the community. So, Morloch tries to stop it but Miss Sherwood resigns to show what she believes in.
The kids have a "sit in".

Additional Cast Credits

Special Guest Star:
Joan Baez

Guest Starring:
Richard Romanus as Joe Garver


"The War Song" - performed by Jesse Borrego, Gene Anthony Ray, Carlo Imperato, Billy Hufsey and
"Age of Aquarius" -performed by Carlo Imperato and group
"Let the Sunshine In" - performed by cast
"Blowin' In The Wind" - Sung by Joan Baez
"On The Dock Of The Bay" - Performed by Otis Redding*
"Respect" - Performed by Aretha Franklin*

* background music


Directed by Debbie Allen


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