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Episode Summary

Christopher , a former Golden Gloves contender before he joined the School Of The Arts, is challenged to fight again in a grudge match by Keach Howard , the last man Donlan defeated. Leroy teaches Sherwood to talk jive in order to reach a problem student. Leroy helps Billy Hall become a better dancer.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Dave Shelley as Caruso
Warren Vanders as Gordie

Co Starring:
Derrick Brice as Billy


"I Know I Can" - performed by Gene Anthony Ray
"Taking It to the Top" - performed by Gene Anthony Ray
"Waiting For Caroline" - Sung by Eartha Robinson , Margaret Williams , Darryl Tribble
"I Can't Stand Up Alone" - Sung by Carlo, Billy, Lee, Erica, Gene, Cynthia, Eartha, Margaret, Darryl

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