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Episode Summary

A substitute teacher shows up for Sherwood, who's taking a secret leave of absence. Dwight recognizes the substitute teacher as a woman who used to babysit for him when he was little. She used to be this famous singer but something made her quit and she didn't want Dwight bringing back all the bad memories. She tells Dwight that she can't sing anymore but then Doris hears her singing in the auditorium. With help from Dwight and Doris , she comes to terms with her fear and performs for the school.

Additional Cast Credits

Special Guest Star:
Melissa Manchester


"Better Days" - Performed by Melissa Manchester
Words and Music by Melissa Manchester and Carole Bayer Sager
"City Nights" - Performed by Melissa Manchester
Words and Music by George D. Kieffer, Michael Belloti, Ross Sany Longo, Melissa Manchester and Arif Mardin


Written by Melissa Manchester, Kevin DeRemer (Melissa Manchester's husband) and Christopher Beaumont.
This is Melissa's Acting debut, and most noteworthy is the fact that the singer graduated in 1969 from the real New York's School of Performing Arts - "All the memories come back" says Melissa, who majored in drama, not music. "I remember what a good time I had in the midst of all the terror".


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