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Episode Summary

Students from "a more academically prestigious" school visit the School of the Arts for U.N Week and act snobbishly towards the kids. Coco plays the role of an Eastern European dancer , who wants to emigrate to the United States. Danny is paired with a girl that irritates him with every word she speaks. Reardon enlists Lydia's help for a play he is auditioning for. After a couple of the kids spot them rehearsing , rumors swirl thru out the school of a romance. At Shorofoskys suggestion - the pair stage a 'mock break up' in Lydias dance class .. with Lydia telling Doris afterwards the 'real story' - to ensure everyone knows what really was going on. Meanwhile Dwight falls for Muffin Talbot, a girl from the other school.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Connie Needham as Kelly Hayden
Robert Hitt as Mr. Cannon
Kristen Vigardo as Alicia

Nancy Cartwright as Muffin
Otis Sallid as (Mr.) Brent


"Ya Got Trouble" - Sung by Morgan Stevens

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