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Episode Summary

Troy Phillips falls in love with Julie. When they fall asleep studying, he tells everyone that they slept together but he didn't realize what he was telling everyone was being taken in the wrong way.(Inspiring Bruno's classic line, "You're supposed to be tutoring him on the joys of harmony, not sex!") A picture of Mr. Reardon is printed in a gossip tabloid magazine by a "so called" friend of Reardon's who will do anything to sell a story, even steal the photo from David.

Additional Cast Credits

Special Guest Star:
Jimmy Osmond as Troy

Guest Stars:
Dana Kimmell as Melanie
David Ruprecht as Bernie


"You're Just In Love" - performed by Lee Curreri and Valerie Landsburg
"We All Belong To Love" - performed by Jimmy Osmond and Erica Gimpel


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