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Episode Summary

Bruno's script is chosen to be produced by the school and he is given the chance to be a voice in the audition process. Unfortunatly he can't make up his mind who is better and if someone isn't as good he (with his soft heart) feels the need to let the person try again, to give them that extra chance to get it right. All his friends are excited that he can choose who will star in it, because of course, they want it to be them. Things start to heat up after everyone finds out that Bruno cast himself in the lead. After which he enlists the help of Doris to teach him to "act". Doris begins to fall in love with Bruno. Also, David Reardon joins the staff as the Drama teacher. 

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Ric Manchi as Mr. Amatullo 
Lola Mason as Mrs. Amatullo


"Body Language" - performed by Debbie Allen 
"Beautiful Dreamer" - performed by Valerie Landsburg


This is the first episode to feature Dwight Mendenhall (David Greenlee). 

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