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Episode Summary

After Bruno's father accidentally ruins his synthesizer, his father goes and buys him a new, expensive one. To help pay for new music, Bruno takes on a job. Bruno also shows his father the song he wrote for his Aunt's new born baby. Coco has to choreograph a number for mid-terms and starts being rude and hard on Julie, who has no idea why! Until Coco tells her that her astrological sign is what's wrong. They work things out though and the number goes off without any problems. 

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Carmine Caridi as Angelo Martelli


"It's Sonata Mozart" - instrumental 
"Could We Be Magic Like You" - performed by Lee Curreri 
- Music and Lyrics by Lee Curreri 
"Hi-Fidelity" - performed by Valerie Landsburg 

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