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Episode Summary

Bruno falls in love with Kathy Murphy, a beautiful dance major. Miss Grant puts Bruno and Kathy together by asking Bruno if he'll compose an original peice of music for Kathy to use at an audition. While Kathy tries to show Bruno how she will be dancing , so he can get an idea of what type of music to write, she gets injured and is taken to the Hospital. The doctor mentions to Miss Grant about Kathy having Multiple Sclerosis, not knowing that she didn't already know about it. Because of this Miss Grant chooses Leroy for the audition but at the last minute Leroy shows up limping,saying he hurt his ankle and can't dance. When all along the gang were helping Kathy keep her audition. Also, Julie and Danny are having problems doing a romantic scene together for drama class because Julie is taller than Danny. They feel uncomfortable because of the height difference but with a little help from Doris and some creative staging, everything works out. 

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Carmine Caridi as Angelo Martelli 
Connie Needham as Kathleen Murphy 


"Be My Music" - performed by Lee Curreri 
"Ballet For Kathy" - instrumental

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