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Episode Summary

The School Board comes in to interview the students and teachers only to find out that the School Of The Arts doesn't have a Gym, which the School Board says in manditory for every school so that the students can have a Physical Education class. Of course this upsets Miss Grant because she feels that the students get more of a work-out in her class than they could ever get in any "normal" Gym class. To prove it she challenges the School Board to a somewhat competition. The School Board members bring in a group of football players and pits them against some of Miss Grant's dancers in a regular dance lesson. The football players can't keep up at all. On the other hand, Leroy's brother Willard shows up at the school drunk and carrying a gun. Leroy takes the gun from him because he doesn't want him to get into trouble with it, only to get caught with it himself. So, Leroy must choose to either save himself or the brother he hardly knows.  

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Grand Bush as Willard Johnson  


"I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can" - performed by Erica Gimpel 
"Come What May" - performed by Gene Anthony Ray 

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