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Episode Summary

Another episode where Bruno agonizes over writing music, when Montgomery tries to get him to cash in on his ability to produce "mindless cacophony". Bruno isn't thrilled with this but,for the moment, goes along with Montgomery. Bruno goes into the crowded canteen in the middle of lunchtime, and begins to play a classical piece. He wows them all and Montgomery leaves to call the record company to turn them down. Shorofsky is impressed, and Coco says to him that at least Bruno had the guts to play Shorofsky's kind of music, she'd like to see Shorofsky play Bruno's. Shorofsky sits at the piano and begins to play some rock and roll, and Bruno joins him at a different piano, and we have one of those brilliant let's all dance scenes. 

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Carmine Caridi as Angelo Martelli 


"Sho Sho Sho Shorofsky" - performed by Lee Curreri 
- Music by Lee Curreri 
- Lyrics by Lee Curreri and Steve Sperry 
"Do The Gimme That" - performed by Valerie Landsburg and P.R. Paul

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