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Episode Summary

Montgomery's mother, Melinda McNeil, comes to visit. Miss Grant asks her if she'd like to help with the school's upcoming production. Of course, Mrs. McNeil is happy to help but it isn't til later that we find out why she really wanted to help. No one is happy with the changes she makes and in the end they do their own thing! Montgomery is angered by his mother's own obsession with success and doesn't even appear to care about how her own son feels. 

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Gwen Verdon as Melinda MacNeil 
Carmine Caridi as Angelo Martelli 


"Sing , Sing , Sing" - Instrumental Jazz Number 


This is one of only 2 episodes in the whole of Fame's 6 years that had only dancing and did not have a cast member singing a song. The other episode is in Season 6 - "The Last Dance". 

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