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(ACTOR: "Dusty Tyler") 
 1. How did it come about that you re-recorded the title song "Fame"?

"The show asked me to and I jumped at the chance."

2. What, to this day, is your favorite song that you performed on Fame that best represents the "real" Loretta Chandler style?

"The duet I did with Jesse called "Easy To Believe".  We performed it in the episode, "To Tilt At Windmills".  I also like the first song I did with the show, "A Place To Belong"."

3. Have you stayed in contact with any of your cast members from Fame?

"Nia Peeples and I used to keep in touch and I speak to Debbie Allen off and on, but when I left the business to help take care of my mother. (She has breast cancer).  I kind of lost touch with everyone.  But now, my mother has recovered beautifully and I have just moved back to L.A.  As soon as I get settled, I hope to get back in to the swing of things."

4. Do you have a favorite episode?

"Yes, the episode when my character falls for Jesse.  I kind of wished it had been Gene Anthony Ray, but Jesse is a doll, so no complaints here!"

5. What was it like on the set for the final episode with old and new cast members meeting for the first and/or the final time?

"It was totally awsome and sad at the same time.  Full of emotion and full of hope for the future.  The old cast were my roll models.  I remember seeing the movie when I was in junior high, wishing I could be a part of all that and thank's be to God.  I was!"

6. If Fame had continued on for another season do you think the cast, including yourself, would have returned?

"I know I would have.  I'm guessing most of the others would have too."

7. Have you ever considered recording an album?

"Yes,  I came close once, but I didn't trust the band members and pulled out.  But I would love to have a record deal."

8. Is there a chance that we might have the opportunity to see you in TV or movies in the future?

"I'll be auditioning again soon, so I hope so."

9. Are you married and do you have any children? (I hope this one isn't too personal, if it is please skip)

"Not too personal at all.  I'm single and I've never been married and I don't have any kids, but I would love to have a husband and kids.  Do you know any one cute?  (giggle)  -- "

10. If there would be a reunion movie for Fame would you be interested in reprising your role?

"I would be very interested!"


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