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(ACTOR: "Mr. Bob Dyrenforth") 
 1. What was your fondest memory from your days on Fame?

"(see question # 4 below.)"

2. Being that you entered the show mid way into the 5th season, were you approached to play the role of "Bob Dyrenforth" or did you get the role through an audition process?

"I never had to audition. My wife runs a Ballet school and I had just appeared as "Dr. Copellius" in a production directed by one of her teachers of the second act of "Copellia". The teacher's boy friend had seen me, and it happens that he, Ira Behr, had just been promoted to be one of the producers of Fame. When Ken Swofford left the show suddenly, the casting woman came to Ira with a list of 50 possible replacements. Ira told me that he said to her,"I don't need to look at any of them. I 'm going to hire Graham Jarvis". By the way, you ought to work on creating a list of the producers and writers of the show. Much of the character of a series changes over the seasons as different writer/producers take over."

3. Have you stayed in contact with any of your cast mates from Fame?

"Albert Hague and I bacame friendly during the show. I still talk to him by phone but I haven't seen him in a while. One day, after the series ended, I ran into Michael Cerveris in a Parisian Pizzeria, of all places, and I've bumped into Jesse and a couple of the others, but haven't really "kept in touch". Ira eventually married my wife's teacher, and she recently came back to work for my wife. We saw them a bit this summer, but Ira had to fill me in on news of the others."

4. Do you have a favorite episode?

"In spite of the fact that "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" was my favorite TV series, all in all, and I had many delightful experiences on it, I've always told anyone who was interested that the single best episode of TV that I was ever part of was, in my estimation, "All Singing, All Talking, All Dancing" on Fame. Michael Cerveris and Carrie Hamilton had a duet in that episode that I just loved. In fact I loved the whole show, and I'm delighted I managed to tape it for myself when it played."

5. Throughout your entire career, is there one particular project you enjoyed most and why?

"Too many to differentiate between. Among them, my whole first summer at the Barter Theatre of Virginia, "The Best Man" on Broadway, "The Rocky Horror Show" at the Roxy, on the Sunset Strip, "Cold Turkey", "Mary Hartman""

6. Will your character on 7th Heaven be returning this season?

"Yes, occasionally."

7. Are there any new projects in the future that you will be working on?


8. For all of us Internet junkies, what is the one web site you visit most?

"Hardly visit it. Just getting my Web feet wet."

9. Are you married and do you have any children?

"One wife, two grown sons, both working on graduate degrees."

10. If there would be a reunion movie for Fame would you be interested in reprising your role?

"Sure, I'd be interested, but I think it would be difficult to do now, and get the right feeling."



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