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Questions #1-12 asked by Marc Tyler Maidens.
Question #14 asked by Teresa Parks.

 1. Had you ever watched Fame before you joined the 6th Season?

"Yes, I did and my dream was to be on the show someday.  I went to the High School of Performing Arts in Hollywood, CA.  We used to sit around the piano at lunch and sing all of the "Fame" songs."

2. Was Laura Mackie intended to be a semi regular role .. or was it meant to be a one time appearance that grew?

"It was meant to be 5 or 6 shows and ended up being 20."

3. I recall from my scrapbook articles .. that you and Jesse organized a bowling or baseball team during your time on the show. Do you still manage to keep in touch with him or anyone else?

"I did keep in touch with Jesse for a long time. We were actually room mates while we were on the show.  I saw him in 1998, but then we lost touch.  He  was a very close friend.  I also spent a lot of time with Gene Anthony Ray, but he's in Europe right now."

4. Who else from the cast was on the team?

"On the team...Carrie Hamilton, Billy Hufsey, Jesse, myself, Loretta and Carlo Imperato.  I think that's all, I don't remember any others."

5. I can't recall you and Dick Miller (Lou) being in the final scene, when the old cast members were all performing the song 'Fame' , were you actually there that day?

"Yes, I was there, but I wasn't one of the big time stars, so I was in the back."

6. Assuming you knew "Laura" was going to stick around for season 6 (see Q.2) .. was there any outline of storyline that didn't happen?

"Not that I knew of."

7. Did you watch the episodes once they were completed and aired on TV?

"Most of them."

8. Do you have a favourite episode?

"Not that I can remember."

9. What about songs?  (I know you never sang on the show)  But any songs you recall watching being filmed and thinking wow ?

"Live/Look and Learn"

10. Was 'Fame' your first break in Show Business?

"It wasn't my first, but it was the biggest."

11. Before being announced that 'Fame' wasn't coming back for a 7th season ... did the cast sort of have a feeling it might be axed , or was it a shock to everyone?

"We knew it was coming, but we weren't sure if we'd have a 7th season or not, we were all hopeful."

12. If they attempted a Reunion , and could write Laura in, would you do it?

"In a minute, I'd love it!!!"

13. I heard some years ago that you now work in radio, was being a DJ your dream?

"No, I always wanted to be in TV, but I was doing Sports radio for the past 13 years, now I'm doing a morning show in Seattle, WA on an old skool station.  I'm not really a DJ, I did mostly talk shows in sports and now we talk a lot on this music station."

14. I always had the vague sense that I recogonized you from something else........what else did you do before "Fame"?

"I was at USC school of Fine Arts doing theater mostly.  Only a couple TV credits before "Fame."  'Shadow Chasers' and gosh, I don't even remember the time frames of which shows I was on."


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