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Performed by Carlo Imperato

Finding a way to get through each day
Was hard enough to figure out
Hopes and dreams and lots of plans
Was all you ever thought about

Didn't wanna give up
Never wanted to say
You couldn't keep going on

Didn't find it fitting
To be admitting
So much had passed you by and was gone

Don't throw away your dreams
Don't get lost in yesterday
Feeling down is nothing new
You pay in funny ways

Don't throw away your dreams
Think about tomorrow
Don't look back on
Stop looking back, go on

Cause your dreams are gonna lead you into the light
The heart will always show you what's right
So put up a fight
Forget all your hard times yesterday

Tomorrow is just a place for starting again
Nobody's gonna care where you've been
You're ready to win
But if you wanna score you got to play

Hey, hey
Don't throw away your dreams
Don't throw away your dreams

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