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After two years on NBC TV, FAME was cancelled. Even though our surveys showed it to be the number 1 show, not enough people all over the country were watching it. But, there were enough fans of the show both in the audience and in the studios to try to save it. Although it didn't get put back on NBC, it was decided to keep filming shows and airing them on independent stations all over the country and in other countries in Europe where it is the number one American show. What this means to you is simple. FAME is still on the air with all new shows and some new cast members! Read your newspaper or TV Guide listings carefully to see what night and what station it is on.

Heading the cast of newcomers is Billy Hufsey. Billy plas a dance student who is seriously challenging Leroy's (Gene Anthony Ray) number one status! Billy is from Ohio, (a very small town called Bay Village) and he spent most of his life there. Modeling started his career while he took lots of dance lessons. For a short time, Billy lived in New York and seriously studied acting. In 1979 he won a "Mr. Disco" dance title. His dance expertise brought him to Atlantic City, New Jersey where he performed with the world famous Jeff Kutash Dance Troupe. In films, Billy has co-starred in Graduation Day, a horror file and with Patrick Cassidy in Off The Wall. On TV before FAME Billy starred in Rocco's Star, a movie of the week. Over 3,000 guys tried out for the role in FAME on TV but Billy easily won it!

Musically, Billy plays drums, piano, guitar, trumpet and saxophone! He also sings! In his "spare" time, Billy wrote a TV pilot which he hopes to sell and be the executive producer and the creator! Billy works real hard, putting in some 14 hour days. He also spends a lot of time working out in the gym to keep his body in shape. Billy is single and has no steady girlfriend right now and since he loved romantic dates at the beach, now is the time to write to this sexy young star. Billy gets his fan mail at: FAME, c/o MGM TV, 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, Calif. 90230.

The new girl on the set is Cindy Gobb. TEEN MACHINE readers already know Cindy from her "Dating Tips" column which she writes every month for us. Cindy previously starred on the soap, Search For Tomorrow. She is still the number one girl in Christopher Atkin's life and as the new girl on the set, she has become very good friends with Billy Hufsey. Cindy is a singer on the show as well as a dancer. She spent 10 years studying dance since her mom was a dance teacher. Although Cindy says that her schedule is more hectic on TV now, she prefers FAME to a soap. She feels soaps are "unnatural." Cindy is a very talented girl who will be successful in whatever she does!

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