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The Fame cast recently began filming sequences for their 1985 - 86 season on the hot streets of New York City. STAR takes you behind-the-scenes!

GROUND CONTROL TO CINDY - Cindy Gibb's flight plan - well, we mean her leaping dance step, is approved by Fame choreographers. Cindy, who plays Holly on the show, is stepping out to new projects. Have you seen her in Youngblood with Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze? Lucky girl!
GIMME AN "A" - Jesse would make a fantastic cheerleader, don't you think? Jesse Borrego completes an eagle spread for the choreographer's approval, landing quite cat-like as usual.
FAME'S MANE MAN BLOWN AWAY - By blow dryer and hairstylist. Jesse's "can't do a thing with it" hair is being do'ed and re-do'ed after each take since he's let it grow wild!
THE N.Y. MARATHON IT'S NOT - But Cindy, Nia, Carlo, Jesse and Gene Anthony sure look like they're anticipating a finish line.
GIMME FIVE - Carlo and Jesse, the prime street kinds of the series, meet and greet in this dance finale. Jesse uses a strong mousse on his mop, doesn't he?
IT'S ALL IN THE HIPS - Billy explains to Cindy and Nia exactly how he handles his Spree motobike through the busy streets of the city.
SIMON SAYS STRETCH - The backyard of the U.N. was the scene for this particular dance scene that ended with everyone reaching for the stars and world peace!
WALK WHERE? DOWN? UP? SIDEWAYS? SIT? WHAT? - Sometimes the director's cue was misunderstood by these stand-ins and the heat and humidity didn't help the situation much! But everything worked out in the end.
C'MON, LET'S SEE THAT PEPSODENT SMILE - Gene Anthony seemed to be in a caustic mood during the day's shooting and only smiled when he began to dance. The New York City native was one of the original cast members of the feature film, Fame.
STEPPIN' OUT IN THE VILLAGE - There seems to be only one way to get down this street, and that's by dancing and struttin' your way through. West 4th St. was used for this dance sequence, with Jesse and Gene Anthony leading the pack.








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