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When Irene Cara sang the well-known words, "Fame! I'm gonna live forever..." she probably didn't know how prophetic those words would be. The smash hit movie became a successful TV show.

However, after two season the popular show was dumped by the network. Fans and cast member alike were outraged. The production company got on the bandwagon and the show was produced independently of the network and is now available for its third season through syndication. Check your local channels to find out which station it's on in your area.

Although the basic line-up remains the same as last year, the new season has brought some new actors to the cast. "Old-times" Debbie Allen, Gene Anthony Ray, Lee Curreri, Erica Gimpel, Al Hague and Valerie Landsburg have now been joined by Cindy Gibb and Billy Hufsey.

Cindy Gibb left her role as Suzy Wyatt on the daytime soap Search For Tomorrow late last summer to joing the cast of Fame. And Billy Hufsey (who is this issue's Teen Beat Hunk Of The Month) is both an actor and a dancer - and, as his photos will prove, a physical fitness buff.

Super hunk Billy's character, Christopher Donlan, will prove to be stiff competition for the "King of Dance," Leroy (played by Gene Anthony Ray). It is very exciting to watch both of these fabulous dancers strut their stuff on screen. It will also be interesting to see if Leroy can keep up with Christopher's fast moves. On the positive side, Leroy won't have to feel overworked by being the only really hot male dancer ... now he'll have a buddy to team up with! Together, Gene Anthony Ray and Billy Hufsey should be two of the most physically enticing males on the screen this season.

In addition to all the excitement about Ciny and Billy, the two new cast members, Fame has some other surprises in store for its viewers. Fans will get to see the "kids" from Fame dance their way out of school and into the "real world." The stars of Fame have been all over the worlds since the series started two seasons ago. And now that everyone knows about them, Fame is being broadcast in Europe, too!

There's no doubt about it - Fame could live forever - and ... Baby, remember their names!



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