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1. Billy says he didn't tell his football pals when he took up ballet because, "why should they know I'm wearing tights?"
2. About modeling, Billy says "I liked it. I got a nice piece of change. And instead of getting hit in the head, they were dabbing me with powder."
3. Billy's astrological sign is Sagittarius.
4. Billy used to model for fashion shows at major department stores as well as catalogues.
5. He would love to work with George C. Scott or Laurence Olivier one day.
6. Billy gets more fan mail than any of the other Fame stars!
7. Billy's favorite Fame episode if the one in which he goes deaf because it provided a real acting challenge!
8. His sizzling poster was a big success.
9. Billy puts all his money in the back. "I'm not spending anything. I'm saving it," he says.
10. Billy entered high school at 5'2" but shot up to 5'11" by the time he graduated.
11. His day on the Fame set begins at 6:30 a.m. and he works approximately 14 hours a day.
12. Billy and his dad are the dark ones in the family while his sisters and mother are blong and blue-eyed.
13. The baseball field in Brook Park, Ohio, is named after Billy's father.
14. He loved to play ping-pong.
15. Billy says that when he first moved away from hime, "my mom and dad were depressed because I was leaving. When I started working right away, they relaxed, and now they are really happy."
16. Billy's dad, William Sr., and uncle, Al, were both professional fighters.
17. Billy once hosted the Miss American Teenager Pageant.
18. His feelings about female beauty: "There are two kinds of femine beauty. The visible, external kind, of course. Then there is the beauty that grows with each day of knowing a woman more and more."
19. Not only is Billy a gymnast, boxer and karate champe, he's also a whiz at walking a tightrope, performing magic tricks and riding a unicycle!
20. Billy recalls that his neighborhood while growing up was pretty rough and there were fights every day at school.


Billy From Head To Toe

FULL NAME: William Hufsey, Jr.
BIRTHDATE: December 8,1961
BIRTHPLACE: Brook Park, Ohio
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 175 Ibs.
BACKGROUND: German/lrish
FAMILY: Dad, William Sr.; Mom, Joanne; Two older sisters
INSTRUMENTS: Sax, trumpet, piano, drums, guitar, flute
FIRST JOB: Modeling for Saks Fifth Avenue
FIRST ACTING JOB: The movie Graduation Day
AWARDS: Outstanding Athlete of the Year in high school, Golden Gloves boxer, U.S. Singles Disco Champion, Black Belt in karate
FAVORITE ACTORS: Robert DeNiro, Sylvester Stallone
IDOLS: Boxers Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali
QUALITIES HE LOOKS FOR IN A GIRL: "The thing I like most is honesty, when that defense is down. If they let down the defense, then I can really open up."
PASTIMES: Gym work-outs, judo, dancing, karate, playing piano
GOALS: To write scripts and music.





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