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"I love to work," Billy Hufsey says, leaning over to make the point. "But a family and children are the most important things in the world."
Billy absent-mindedly flexes a muscle as he continues, his face bearing a serious look. "Right now work is really important to me because I don't have the other things, you know? But I definitely want to get married." Though 27-year-old Billy is very marriage-minded these days, don't think for a moment that he spends many lonely nights at home. He loves going out with pals, special girls, and keeping himself busy with Fame and a number of music projects as well as two best-selling posters.
Yet, despite a busy social life, Ohio-born Billy considers himself a bit of a loner. "I get along fine with everybody, but, you know, sometimes I just like to hang out by myself," the deeply tanned actor 'explains. "I have a lot of friends, but I like being by myself a lot too. I have a motorcycle and I like to just get out and cruise."
Though he is a loner, Billy, says he welcomes attention from fans-almost any time. "A few days ago I was jogging and about fifteen girls started chas ing me," he recalls with a laugh. "And, well, I'm crazy I ripped off my shirt, it was a little T-shirt and I threw it to them. That didn't bother me. I like it when my fans are crazy, 'cause I'm crazy. You should see me at a concert. I like to jump on the chairs. I'm the craziest of all."
Billy always encourages his fans to come over and say hello to him, but once in a while, things get a bit too crazy even for him. "If I ever feel a little annoyed by attention, I just think of how my nephews and nieces would feel if they really liked somebody," Billy says. "That mellows me out real fast. But one thing I didn't like happened when I was in a nightclub and I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a year-and-a half; I was psyched! Then a girl came up and grabbed my arm and said, 'let's dance.' I said no, 'cause I was talking to a friend, but she wouldn't stop!"
Occasional problems aside, Billy has nothing but good feelings for those who appreciate his talents. "Tell all the Star readers I said hello," he ex-claims happily. "And tell them to write!" So, why not drop a line to Billy here at Star, 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, New Jersey 07666.


Note: This article is from the 80's so the fan address is most likely invalid.

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