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"I can't do it ...I can't talk about myself. I wish I could. I just can't."

But of course he does, under Zach's relentless prodding. The account of his painful start in show business -- surprised by his parents in a drag revue -- is among the most moving of the "Chorus Line" monologues.
That dramatic moment was a new experience for Cameron English, who'd expressed himself -- in past roles -- largely through dance. ("You cry and scream inside your body when you dance".)
Admittedly as shy as the character he plays, the 25 year old "Navy brat" born in Hawaii, raised in San Diego -- decided at 17 to study dancing precisely because it "gaveme a way to perform without talking."
A freshman in Mesa College at the time, he enrolled in a CETA program which sent him to apprentice with the San Diego Ballet Company. Appearances in civic productions of "American Dream" and "Kismet" led to a regular berth on "Fame," the acclaimed television series which brought English to Los Angeles and a new medium.
After touring England with the popular "Kids from 'Fame'" show (televised in the U.S.. as a special), English went on to appear as a dancer-singer on "Fantasy Island," "The Tonight Show," "Here's Richard," "The 34th Annual Emmy Awards," "The American Movie Awards" and "Gypsy Roads."


This came from an A Chorus Line press kit.

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