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This period in Carlo's life is just a little bit rough on him. He's staying out in California so he can be close to the set where Fame is made. But he sure does miss his family and friends back home. As soon as he has some free time, he's back on a plane headed for New York for a visit.

Of course spending time in California does have its advantages, and Carlo is the first one to point them out. For one thing, you can get to the beach easier-something Carlo loves to do. And there's lots of room to park your car - Carlo is now the proud owner of a shiny black Corvette.

But Carlo is keeping so busy these days that he hardly has time to realize where he is. Taping for Fame has started up once again and all summer long, the kids from Fame were kept busy recording their terrific cast LP and making tours to shopping centers all across the country. And that means Carlo hardly has any time to date but he knows the kind of girl he likes: "nice girls who like themselves as much as they can like me"! And Carlo has a very special place in his heart for his fans. He reads every letter sent to him and often answers with a picture and his autograph! The place to write Carlo is c/o Fame, MGM-TV, 10202 W. WashingtonBlvd., Culver City, CA 90230. And Fame is the place to keep watching this warm and friendly guy every week!





NOTE: Please keep in mind this article is from the 80's therefore the fan mail address is more than likely invalid.

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