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(November 1983 Magazine)

It's always interesting going back to school after the holidays because you never know what changes may have taken place. The classrooms could have been done up, some new facilities might have been installed, and it's almost guaranteed that there'll be some new faces around, though some of the old familiar ones might be missing.

People leave and join the School of the Arts just like they would any real-life school. After the first series, the school lost Mont­gomery but gained a super new teacher, David Reardon. At the start of the third series, the students and staff arrive for the new term to discover that one dear friend, Julie Miller, has had to leave, but there are two interesting newcomers in their midst, plus the fact that the school has a new vice principal, something which is bound to affect every single person in the building.

The vice-principal is called Quentin Mor­loch, and he is played by the very experienced actor, Ken Swofford. Ken starred in six American TV series: "Ellery Queen", "The Eddie Cappa Mysteries", "Petrocelli", "Rich Man, Poor Man II", "Switch" and "The Rookies", in addition to having guest roles in numerous others. lie's appeared in lots of TV movies, too, including "I Want To Live", "MADD: The Carol Lightner Story", "A Case Of Rape" and "Young Joe Kennedy". He's also acted in a number of cinema films, among them "The Andro­meda Strain", "Annie" "S.O.B. "Bless The Beasts And The Children" and "The Domino Principle", so even if you don't remember him you'll almost certainly have seen his face before.

His part in Fame isn't an easy one because he has the difficult task of helping to run a school which he neither likes nor under­stands, and it will be very interesting to sec how he copes with it!


So far in Fame, Leroy's position as king of the dancers has remained unchallenged but, in the third series, a rival appears at last in the shape of a very handsome guy called Christopher Donlan.

The role of Christopher is played by Billy Hufsey who, in real life, was a member of the ace dance troupe, the Jeff Kutash Dancers. As one of the Kutash stable, Billy performed with the "Lockers" and "Dancin' Machine" in tours which took him right across the States. He also won the title of 1979 U.S. Singles Disco Champion, which proves just how brilliant a dancer he is!

He's also a very good musician, playing no less than six different instruments, so he spends a lot of his spare time practising and composing. He's a first-class sportsman, too. In 1971 he was Ohio State Invitation Bowling Champion, and in 1978 he reached the finals of the Ohio Golden Gloves boxing champion­ship, which is a special contest for young boxers.


In addition to having so many talents at his command, Billy is exceptionally good-looking, too! With his dark mahogany coloured hair and green eyes, he's certain to set a lot of female hearts fluttering at the School of the Arts.

The other new pupil is a drama student called Holly Laird, played by Cindy Gibb. Cindy is always being asked if she's related to the Bee Gees, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, and their younger brother Andy. Strangely enough, Cindy also has a brother called Andy, which causes a lot of confusion, but she isn't related in any way to the famous singing Gibbs.

For the last two years Cindy has been appearing as Suzi Carter in the American TV series, "Search For Tomorrow". She had a small role in Woody Allen's film, "Stardust Memories" and acted in an off-Broadway play called "Nathaniel". As a teenager, she was signed by the famous Ford Model Agency and appeared in a vast number of TV comm­ercials as well as gaining a lot of important modelling assignments.

Cindy is musical, too - she plays the violin and has a very good singing voice. She's got ash-blond hair and brown eyes, and has a steady boyfriend a lot of people would envy her for - Chris Atkins, the gorgeous star of the film, "Blue Lagoon".

Let's all welcome Billy, Cindy and Ken to the cast of Fame -- and welcome their characters, Christopher, Holly and Quentin, to the School of the Arts!


This interview was provided to me by Elaine.
The article above is from the Official Fame Magazines from 1983. The OFFICIAL FAME MAGAZINE was published by Beat Publications Ltd. and the interviews are copyright MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

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