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(November 1982)


The first album of songs from the TV series, “The Kids from Fame”, was a sensation, rocketing to the top of the charts as soon as it appeared in the record shops.  As that LP proved, there's so much great talent in the cast of “Fame” that they could probably produce a new album every month – if they only had the time left over from filming the show!  Luckily there were still enough first-class songs left over from the first series of the show to fill a second LP, “The Kids From fame Again”. It's every bit as good as the first one, and is already heading for the top of the charts!

Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy) kicks the album off in his inimitable style with “Mannequin”, a jokey dance number with a very catchy chorus: “Mannequin, I love your frozen grin!”  Gene's voice is perfect for this material, and he carries off the song with real character.

Debbie Allen (Lydia) celebrates “Carnival”, backed by a brass section and chorus.  The rest of the cast join in too with appropriate sound effects on this South American disco song with a trick ending.

“I Was Only Trying To Help”, says Valerie Landsburg (Doris) on the third track, in a song that all who saw the last episode of the first series will remember well.  Doris found that honesty doesn't always pay, but more than made up for her mistakes with this song.

Lee Curreri (Bruno) wrote the words and music to “Alone In The Crowd” himself, and sings the song as well.  It's a touching number, about the loneliness that everyone feels sometimes when they're surrounded by other people in a different frame of mind to themselves.

“You're The Real Music” gives Gene a real chance to let rip, on a rocking number perfect for his voice and dancing skills.  Watch out here for some very strange stop-start rhythms towards the end!

Side One ends with Lee's “Sho-Sho-Sho-Shorofsky”, which almost got Bruno into trouble with the Professor in the last series!  Taking the mickey out of American punk music, he found his teacher's name perfect for the music he had written.  The contrast with Lee's other song here shows off his versatility as a musician.


Side Two starts with “A Special Place”, a ballad showcasing the talents of Debbie Allen.
“Do The Gimme That” couldn't be more different – another modern punky number ideally suited for the humour of Valerie Landsburg, which gives P.R. Paul (Montgomery) a rare chance to exercise his tonsils!

“It's Sonata Mozart” is the album's only instrumental, a disco version of Mozart's “Sonata in C Major” ideal for dancing.
It's followed by another ballad, with Gene singing “Come What May”, and revealing that he isn't only a great dancer!

The last track places Erica Gimpel (Coco) in the limelight, for “The Show Must Go On” - which seems the obvious choice for the next single, with its catchy chorus and lyrics perfectly suited to the theme of the TV series.

It's going to be hard for “Fame” fans to wait out until the new series of the show starts in the Spring; but “The Kids From Fame Again” is going to make the wait that much easier to bear!

This interview was provided to me by Elaine Prescott.
The article above is from the Official Fame Magazines from 1983. The OFFICIAL FAME MAGAZINE was published by Beat Publications Ltd. and the interviews are copyright MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

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