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Tips 'N Clips On Your Favorite Fame Stars!

Lee Curreri, a/k/a Bruno, continues to work "on New York time," even though he's in Los Angeles now. To Lee, that means working at a frenetic pace, night and day. To show for all that effort, the curly-topped 22-year-old has written his sixth song to be performed on Fame ("Murphy's Blues") plus an entire original script, "Blood, Sweat and Circuits." Not all his energies are Fame related, though - he did moonlight on TV's Fantasy this past spring.

Morgan Stevens, Fame's 1982 addition (drama teacher David Reardon) is blond, blue-eyed, hunky and a Knoxville, TN native. In addition to his Fame chores, Morgan recently landed a recurring role on NBC's prime time soap, Bare Essence. Getting fan mail has been a blast - when the tall bachelor was recently asked how it feels to be a sex symbol, he said, "I'll take it ... please!"

Gene Anthony Ray bristles at suggestions that he's typecast - though he was brought up in New York's tough Harlem neighborhood, Gene is literate, goal-oriented, responsible and friendly - as opposed to angry young LeRoy. The two obviously share something - an incredible talent for dance!

Valerie Landsburg remembers her own high school days - with amazing clarity. Feeling like a "square peg" (oops, wrong series) through most of her four years (though she didn't graduate) Valerie excelled in drama, but was painfully insecure in just about every other area of high school. "I wanted to be everyone's friend," the now 23 year old recalls, and ended up not pleasing herself.

Carlo Imperato, at 19, hasn't lost that New York City forthrightness -  he comes right out and urges people to watch Fame instead of the competition. "What can you learn from Magnum, P.I.?," he asks, "How to become a detective and buy a Ferrari?"

Erica Gimpel, like Coco, has been working at her career nearly all her life. The New York City native started in children's theater, after school and on weekends, then attended the very School of Performing Arts that Fame's based on. Ironically, Erica got the call to Fame before she graduated - she went back to school while the show was on hiatus and finally did receive that diploma.

Lori Singer (Julie) counts many activities among her passions - cello and acting top the list, of course, but Lori's also a devoted baseball nut. The 21-year-old free spirit follows the fortunes of the New York Yankees and is trying to get a Fame softball team together - she'd play second base.

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