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He's still a regular guy who won't let Fame go to his head.

Carlo Imperato was born and raised in New York, but for the past six years he has lived in California where the TV show Fame is filmed. Since he is one of the original cast members (* and starred in the movie Fame), this sandy-haired actor has become an old pro in show business, but he's not your typical star.

  "I'm not into the Hollywood scene," explains Carlo with a hint of his Bronx accent coming through. "I like to hang out with friends and don't go to a lot of parties." Hollywood socializing is not high on Carlo's list of things to do, but having a good time is. Whether he is working on the set of Fame, playing his drums, swimming at the beach or just relaxing in his condominium, Carlo lives each minute of life to the fullest. When STAR talked to him recently, it was easy to see this attractive guy is on top of the world. "I am really happy," he says enthusiastically. "I've been lucky so far, and I'm really enjoying my life."

A big part of Carlo's life these days is his fiancee, Nia Peeples, who played the character "Nicole" on Fame until she left the show recently. The two were friends at work for a long time before they eventually became romantically involved. "Nia's a great girl and she really is down-to-earth," explains Carlo. "She has to be," he continues, since this is one guy who doesn't like people who play games or fake emotions. "We're planning on getting married in December," says Carlo. "We spend a lot of time together... like working out with weights at Gold's gym, traveling, and we're writing a story line right now."

  As for his future, Carlo says this will probably be his last season on Fame and that he plans on writing some more scripts and looking into other acting jobs. "I've been on the show a long time and it's time to move on," he says. "I won't end up at Lou's Lanes." Whatever he does decide to move onto next, there's no doubt Carlo Imperato will have a good time doing it.

This article is from Teen Beat Star magazine, April 1987.
© 1987 D.S. Magazine's Inc.

* Carlo wasn't actually a cast member of the movie Fame but this particular article said he was.

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