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WASHINGTON - NBC's (3,4 and 28) "Fame" has enough energy and electricity to light up New York, the setting for this literally upbeat series. The show's ratings vary, but they never seem to climb near the top. I wonder why. The 8 o'clock time slot - the family hour - is perfect. "Fame," a young people's show about young people is engaging to adults as well. It isn't just a drama about the struggles and dreams of teens at the New York High School for the Performing Arts. A great deal. of dancing and song is built into the plots, making them semi-musicals. Tonight, for instance, the end of the semester is the excuse for a rousing faculty show. Last week dancer Gwen Verdon, in a guest appearance, inadvertently galvanized the dance-class. No question, either, that "Fame" is happening now, not in some mythical past. The kids are hip but nice. The series - even though it deals with an ego-building business -reflects positive values. And it is ethnically integrated in the most natural ways possible. Try a little "Fame" tonight.

This interview/article provided by Timothy Newton.

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