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by Sharron Ibbitson
Part 1 of 12

The students from the High School of Performing arts, strode purposefully out of the school, some relieved to see another day over, others disappointed. Danny Amatullo was one of the latter. It meant it was time for him to go home. He had only been back at school for a matter of weeks, since he had been ill with leukemia, and his Dad was driving him mad. He had always had a turbulent relationship with his father, with his father keeping him at arm's length all the time, but now it was as though he thought that Danny was going to break since he had been so sick. His father insisted that he came home straight from school, that he wasn't allowed to participate in any sports at school including dance, and that he had to get at least eight hours sleep a night. The worst thing was that most of the teachers agreed with his father!

Elsewhere Leroy Johnson was pleased to finally be out of school. Sherwood had been on his case all week about some book report and he had just about had his fill of her! She kept asking him all the questions in class, and she had kept him late three nights out of five, he was so glad that the weekend was finally there. He had asked Danny to go to the movies with him, but his friend had muttered something about having to get straight home, come to think of it he hadn't actually seen Danny out of school since he had been back, with a shrug of his shoulders he continued on his way home to complete his book report for Monday morning.

Doris Schwartz whistled to herself as she started her journey home. She was also glad that the week was over. She had no plans whatsoever for the weekend so she was just planning on stopping by at a couple of her friend's houses to see if they felt like doing anything. Apart from that she just had to review a script for a show coming up.

Lydia Grant sighed as she walked out of the school. She could see Danny Amatullo standing alone on the school steps watching the world go by, it amazed her how often she found him doing that these days. She turned the other way deciding to leave him to his thoughts, if she had looked closer she would have seen the tears streaming down his face. As she walked on she saw Doris Schwartz walking purposefully, as if in a hurry to get home, she then saw Leroy with a very serious look on his face, she deliberately avoided him, she had heard all about the difference of opinion with Elizabeth Sherwood, and wanted to stay well out of it, and she knew if she spoke to Leroy he would try to get her round to his way of thinking. She shook her head to herself and continued on her walk home.



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