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Actor, Dancer, Choreographer and Master Class Dance Instructor
7/22/59 - 2/23/94

Curtis was in the national tour cast of "EVITA" and prior to that he was a principle dancer on the T.V. show "FAME" in 1982. He was featured in the opening of every episode until the later years when the beginning sequence of the show was changed. Curtis also choreographed 25 episodes of the daytime soap "GENERAL HOSPITAL" during the "Luke and Laura" disco story line in 1979 as well as danced in several of those episodes. As a dancing performer in commercials he was in a Pepsi Cola as well as the featured male lead in the Del Taco "OVER AND OVER AGAIN" dancing commercial. Curtis also was featured dancing in the movies, in which he first did in 1978 which was "MOVIE,MOVIE" and then he was in " ELECTRIC BOOGALOO II". He made his acting debut in "THE BEACH GIRLS" in 1982 which was a change of pace for him. Curtis was on other T.V. shows also which includes Dick Clark's 'WEDNESDAY NIGHTS LIVE" with Melissa Gilbert, "BUCK ROGERS" and "CALIFORNIA FEVER". He was also the featured segment on "P.M. MAGAZINE " with Melody Rogers in which she featured him teaching a dance class at Renards Dance School. Curt taught at several dance schools in southern california, which included RENARD'S, DUPREA'S CAT-KNAP all in the L.A. area and JIMMY DEFORES in Newport Beach. Curt was also given the honor of becoming the first instructor to go from student to instructor at "JOE TREMAINE'S" where he also went on to teach at major dance camps through out the United States, were he taught Master Dance Classes, he also taught in Colorado and Arizona. For a time he was Director of Dance at LOS ANGELES SOUTHWEST COLLEGE and UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA'S Dance Department. For a season he was in "DREAMSTREET" in Las Vegas in which he danced as well as acted. Curt first started dancing at the age of 16 at Disneyland in the "ELECTRIC LIGHT PARADE" where he danced of and on for many years. Next he made it in a cast at the Long Beach Queen Mary as a "CASTAWAY" where he danced in the bottom of the great ocean liner. His earlier theatre experiences where at Huntington Beach High School's production of "ALL ABOUT EVE" and "JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR", next it was on to the "HARLEQUIN DINNER THEATRE" and the "DOWNEY CIVIC LIGHT OPERA" were he played Collin in "THE GRASSHARP". Curt was a very gifted dancer.



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Special thank you to Lori Heller (Curtis Gregory's sister) for the bio and pictures presented here.

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